Rob Kardashian Reportedly Gained All His Weight Back and Now He’s More Depressed Than Ever

He might be done with Blac Chyna, too.

By Seth Glass

Rough week for Rob Kardashian.

First, he got into it with Kylie Jenner and posted her phone number on Twitter after his family was petty towards Blac Chyna.

Now, sources are saying that he and Blac Chyna might be broken up.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if you’ve been watching Rob & Chyna. The show’s storylines about how Rob never leaves the house and how he stays at his own house more than Chyna’s are apparently real.

While hiding away from the world, sources say Rob has gained back the weight he lost when he started dating Chyna, and that’s stoking fears that he could face health issues stemming from his diabetes.

In the meantime, Rob has been a no-show for Rob & Chyna promo appearances, and his rumored split with Chyna is only making the depression worse.

We like to get these jokes off like anyone else, but seriously, if these reports are true someone help this guy before his daughter comes into this world.