10 Times Celebrities Got Mad During On-Camera Interviews

When famous people keep it real.

By Seth Glass

A wise man once said, “Interviews are like confessions.” In the same sentence, he said, “Get the f—k up out my dressing room confusing me with questions.”

That’s the nature of the celebrity interview. One minute there’s a special bond between the interviewer and the famous person. The next minute, the star feels uncomfortable and all of a sudden—drama.

As much as we love when celebrities drop their guard, open up, and let us into their world, we can’t front, we’re just as entertained when they flip out.

  • Beyoncé

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    Remember when Bey was super private about her relationship with Jay? During the Sasha Fierce era she got visibly irritated when pressed about whether she and Hov planned on having kids.

  • Denzel Washington

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    Rule of advice when interviewing Denzel: focus on the future, don’t bring up the past.

  • Russell Westbrook

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    Iconic “this interviewer is annoying” moment. Westbrook isn’t trying to hear those coded questions.

  • Kanye West

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    And in this moment, the “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS, SWAY!” meme was born.

  • Nicki Minaj

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    Nicki’s body language is everything here. She is not here for Lady Gaga comparisons.

  • Chris Brown

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    One of the most infamous interviews ever. Breezy trashed his dressing room after this one, and you can see the tension building throughout the entire conversation.

  • Quentin Tarantino

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    Tarantino’s movies are exceedingly violent, but don’t dare say his films influence real life violence. If you do, he’s going to snap.

  • Lil Wayne

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    Weezy will end an interview on the spot if he’s not feeling the questions. This interviewer was so hurt.

  • Mike Tyson

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    Clearly, Iron Mike has no problem swearing on live television.

  • Birdman

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    This one is only a few months old, but “Y’all finished or y’all done” is already a classic.