8 Celebrities That Surprised Us With Their Rap Skills

Who could've guessed that these stars had bars?

Hip-hop is the single most influential institution in popular culture and yet it’s still extremely surprising to see a non-rapper celebrity, well, rapping.

No one expects an Oscar-winning actress to spit bars over a beat from Illmatic, but, as evidenced by the list of celebrities who can rhyme below, it happens.

From Sandra Bullock to Selena Gomez, these are just a few of the famous folks who, on the low, just might have what it takes to be an MC.

  • Lupita Nyong’o

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    As if it wasn’t enough that Lupita has an Oscar, come to find the girl has flow too. Just a few days ago, she dropped some fire bars over Nas’ “New York State of Mind” instrumental. She really said, “Disney on the books, so you know I stay paid.” STUNT. Grammy next?

  • Daniel Radcliffe

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    Remember how surprised us the first time we saw bro rap Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics” without missing a beat? It’s still kind of hard to believe that Harry Potter can actually spit.

  • Michelle Trachtenberg

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    Harriet the Spy grew up and started rapping Nicki Minaj. She bodied that verse too.

  • Selena Gomez

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    This was a big deal when it first happened. Nobody expected the then-teeny bopper to black out like that.

  • Kobe Bryant

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    Most people forget that Black Mamba had hip-hop aspirations. This is his guest verse from Brian McKnight’s 1998 single, “Hold Me.”

  • Ariana Grande

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    She went from rapping Big Sean to dating him. Iconic.

  • Sandra Bullock

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    To be fair, literally everyone on Earth of a certain age knows this song, but still, it’s not every day that you see Sandra Bullock busting a rhyme. Good for her.

  • Millie Bobby Brown

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    Life hasn’t been the same since Eleven from Stranger Things rapped the “Monster” verse. We love her so much.