Milan Christopher Got His Wig Shook and Is Now Rockin’ a Sick Man Bun

New weave, who this?

His hurr laid though. That lace front looks soft.

Former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Milan Christopher took to Instagram today to reveal his new up-do. Although Milan usually rocks a clean baldy, he decided to add to his look and by add we mean somewhere between 14-20 inches of that good virgin hair. He posted:

The switch up when I pull up! ▶️◀️ with the #ReUp ⬆️ #MenBun

#Mcw just went #LastOfTheMohicans on that azzzz #MenBuns ??? #MilanChristopher #Mce #Mcm long hair don’t care ?
#MenBun by @_individualist
#Hair by @adorejatore

Not sure if he was inspired by Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Yung Joc but what do y’all think? You feeling it or nah?

New hair or not, Milan been on one. Check out this memorable scene for the season two reunion of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

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