They May Not Be Together Anymore But Omarion is Still Steady Riding for Apryl Jones


#RelationshipGoals everywhere shattered when former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars Omarion and Apryl Jones announced they were calling it quits. Although the two aren’t together anymore, it’s still good to know that Omarion is still riding for his girl. In these clap back comments captured by The Shade Room, Omarion unapologetically comes at a fan for trying to “play” Apryl. Apryl did keep it real cute in her comeback but Omarion still had to step in and let ’em basically know, “you tried it”:
Omarion’s comment reads:

#DONTEVERDISRESPECTTHEQUEEN You wish you could be as bad as April Jones!!!! Even on her worst day- YOU aint f—ing with her! #FOH

Bloop! Now, that’s how it’s supposed to be- never any love lost! Not for nothing, “plain”? Bish where?
Yass, Apryl!

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