There’s No Better Time Than Right Now to Join the “America is Not the Same Without Me” Campaign

The movement encourages uniqueness, diversity and inclusion.

By Jasmine Washington

Italian fashion designer Rosa Clandestino celebrates the beauty of individuality through her “Is Not the Same Without Me,” campaign. After garnering a slew of viral success with the first installment, “Milan is Not the Same Without Me,” Clandestino teamed up with MTV Networks to bring the campaign stateside.

“America is Not the Same Without Me,” features an assortment of T-shirts and caps that keeps men, women, children and even our beloved pets swagged out. Honoring uniqueness, diversity and inclusion found within the US, “America is Not the Same Without Me,” also strives to support the underserved.

Customers will be given the opportunity to choose between three US and international based non-profit organizations to donate $5 in support of. GIRL UP: a United Nations Foundation that supports the empowerment of girls worldwide; DRESS FOR SUCCESS: empowering women to achieve economic independence; and NO-MORE: support the end of domestic violence and sexual assault are the three organizations shoppers will be able to select from.

“America is Not the Same Without Me,” is available exclusively at

The time for you to be apart of the story is now!