Competition Is Rising in 9 Mag, See What You Can Expect From This Season Of Black Ink Crew Chicago

VH1's hit series is back!

The season two premiere of Black Ink Crew Chicago is only a few days away and the anticipation is already type crazy. The crew that was once brought back together through that 9 Mag family connection is looking really shaky this time around.

Ryan, Kat, Phor, Charmaine, Don, Van, and Danielle all face bigger challenges this year as their personal growth begins to affect their relationships with one another. With two new talented artists, Junior Diaz and Cobra Kat added to roster, the power struggle is real.

Executive producers, Dan Cesareo, Rasheed J. Daniel and Lindsey Bannister for Big Fish Entertainment along with Nina L. Diaz and Daniel Blau Rogge, executive producers for VH1, made sure that this season we can, “expect more ink, more heart and even more drama from the streets of America’s roughest city.”

What do the producers mean by “more heart” and “more drama,” though? Well, take a look at the season two super-trailer and get excited!

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