Nicki Minaj Shared a Woke Benzino Post and the Internet Swore She Was Subbin’ Someone

"This is a life quote, elevate your minds".

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Benzino, recently dropped a gem on the ’gram that was apparently so inspirational that rapper Nicki Minaj had to re-post it. The quote had everything to do with realizing your self-worth and gracefully moving on from damaging life situations. Not sure if Benzino was sending subs when he originally posted it, but it read:
With all the beef surrounding The Game and Nicki’s bae, Meek Mill, it’s no wonder why fans immediately thought the Pink Print queen was sending some low-key shots. Nicki shut that ish down with the quickness, though, tweeting that the quote was only a re-post from Benzino, like relax:

Guess Benzino knows a few thangs.

While we’re here, let’s flashback on this Friday to that time Queen Latifah recognized Nicki as one of the greatest at VH1’s Big in 2015:

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