She Can Laugh About It Now: Shanda Links Up With Her Sisters To Put Them On To All The BS Willie’s Been Up To

"I'm so happy y'all came here because I needed y'all so bad."

Glad Shanda can laugh about the wig too, ’cause girl…

Shanda meets up with her sisters to tell them about Willie’s triflin’ self and his super-extra mistress in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip. Although Shanda is clearly effed up over the situation, she still doesn’t know how to handle it. She tells her sisters about Kyesha’s stalking and the pop up that left Shanda “wigless” at her own performance. Everything going on is no doubt crazy, but Shanda is most hurt that Willie didn’t tell him about the affair before Kyesha. At the end of the day one question remains, as Shanda’s sister simply puts it, “Are we going to keep playing these games or are we going to work it out?”

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