Brandy Norwood Calls Princess’s Father A Coward For Not Being A Part Of Her Life

"You're dad's a coward. This is not to s--t on your dad, this is the fact that your dad is afraid and is a coward to face you."

Princess confides in her future in-laws, Brandy and Miss Sonja, about the relationship she has with her father and receives some unexpected advice in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip. Ray’s apparent inattentiveness to all things wedding planning has Princess concerned, seeing as how the wedding is 60 days away. Princess tells Miss Sonja and Brandy about additional fear that her father won’t walk her down the aisle because they already have a shaky relationship.

Brandy keeps it all the way real with Princess, letting her know her father is a “coward” in that he’s afraid to face her. Miss Sonja tells Princess that she should give her father the benefit of the doubt before being so quick to accept that he’s not more involved in her life. By facing the issues with her father head on, Princess will have a much better life as Mrs. Princess Norwood.

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