Before Don Found Out He Was Baby Kinleigh’s Father, The Social Media Beef Was Very Real, See How It All Started

Don's second baby mama wasn't playing.

Ish gets REAL in REALity TV, boi…..

When Charmaine had her photo shoot, Danielle couldn’t wait to show her the paternity scandal that went down on the gram between Don and his potential baby mama, Whitney. Of course, now we know baby Kinleigh is in fact Don’s child. On tonight’s episode, we learned that Don did in fact have a prior relationship with Whitney but the way she went about telling him he was the father was iffy to him. Now, we see he didn’t need a paternity test to prove Kinleigh was his- like serious, they look EXACTLY alike. There was, however, a time where things were getting pretty messy on social media. From side-by-side photo comparisons between Kinleigh and Don to straight up petty posts about “deadbeat” fathers, Whitney wasn’t playing with Don. Check out some of the posts that had even Charmaine in shock.


Timothy 5:8, even God doesn’t like dead beat daddies.


What really @bishop__don #nmol

Then a little bit more of this:

Look at me.. Now look at him. Why not acknowledge someone so precious.. Man up… #hello #blackinkcrewchicago #9mag #nmol @bishop__don Clown ass

hey clown @bishop__don you do have a daughter too! Acknowledge her what’s so hard about that?#9mag #nmol #blackincrewchicago

This ain’t a lie! @bishop__don stop running from your princess it doesn’t take much to acknowledge your daughter. You look like a clown ass fool matter of fact you ARE a clown ass fool. But karma is a mutha know that I know sh*t 9mag #nmol #blackinkchicago

You get the picture. All of that messiness is behind them now, that Don has stepped up to be a dad to both his kids. Look how adorable this picture is of Kinleigh and Don!

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