Er, Did That Just Happen? 9 Mag Got Kat So Effed Up She Drags Her Own Best Friend, Charmaine, Again

"There is no place in my life for friends who feel like they can do this type of s--t to each other. B---h, you can consider this friendship OVER."

She didn’t have to run up on shorty like that though.

Kat pulls up to 9 Mag all degrees of heated in this Black Ink Crew Chicago highlight. Feeling disrespected that her belongings were dashed away like trash (even though she said she didn’t want them), Kat can’t help but throw hands at Charmaine. Caught completely off guard, Charmaine feels Kat crossed the line from business beef to a personal problem. With Ryan coming at her, another fight with Charmaine, and feelings of violation, Kat finds herself done with 9 Mag and Charmaine is all the way done with Kat.

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