Celebrities React to the Dad Fight That Broke Out at the Vice Presidential Debate

Saying what we're all thinking.

By Claire Downs

The 2016 Election’s one and only Vice Presidential Debate was the ultimate dad showdown. The two white-haired candidates, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, totally embodied the “Don’t make me turn this car around” vibe we all remember receiving from our own pops as kids. From unintended sexual innuendos like Pence chastising Kaine for “whipping out that Mexican thing” (LOL) and “Everyday I like to spend a little time on my knees.” To terrible dad-isms like Tim Kaine rhyming, “You have to ask yourself if you want a ’You’re hired’ president or a ‘You’re fired’ president” and mentioning that his “40th high school reunion is in 10 days.” The whole thing felt like one big time out.

Yet, even Pence and Kaine couldn’t escape the jokes about their dadness from celebrities on Twitter. Kudos to the stars who actually watched the Debate since it certainly wasn’t easy or incredibly exciting. Here are the best celebrity clap backs to this televised mid-life crisis.

We made liberals blind-taste test Trump’s wine, and the results were hilarious. Watch below.

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