People Are About to Lose Their Lunch Over the Thought of #IfTrumpAndHillaryHookedUp

Don't even joke like that. ?

By Jasmine Washington

With the 2016 presidential election only weeks away, it’s safe to say that people are losing their minds over who the next leader of America will be.

Amidst the controversy surrounding both candidates, their qualifications (or lack thereof) and last night’s awkward VP debate, one Twitter user decided to put both candidates together in a way no one ever imagined with the hilarious yet frightening #IfTrumpAndClintonHookedUp hashtag.

As expected, the Twitterverse erupted with classic responses at the thought of a Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump romantic union. Can you imagine the dysfunction that would ensue at Thanksgiving? LOL

But if this unthinkable hookup were to ever happen, this Twitter user wins the prize for describing the lovechild.