The Infamous Zola is “Shocked” at How People Freaked Out About Her Breastfeeding in Public

Is all the hate necessary?

A year after her bizarre Twitter tale, the infamous Zola is back in the social media spotlight. After sharing a photo of herself breastfeeding her 5-month-old daughter at Hooters, Zola was met with an onslaught of backlash from Internet trolls.

According to TMZ, Zola was “shocked” by the outcry as she regularly breastfeeds her daughter in public. She reveals that she breastfeeds in malls, grocery stores and even church.
As for the Hooters hate, she thinks it’s hypocritical to ask her to cover her boobs in a place that celebrates them. Since no one at the restaurant said anything about her breastfeeding she proceeded in the act. Because of it, Zola was sent nasty comments including being called a “molester” and a “child abuser” when she posted the now-deleted photo.

Zola won’t have to deal with the haters much longer, because she is currently in the process of bringing her famous Twitter tale of strippers in Florida to the big screen. James Franco is reportedly developing the project alongside Andrew Neel.