A Stressed Out Jackie Shows Her Allegiance to Tami and Sends Duffey Packing in the Basketball Wives LA Sneak

"Sorry, it's a tough titty but she's gotta suck it somewhere else."

It takes a meeting of the Basketball Wives OGs to resolve the Tami vs. Duffey drama. In a sneak peek for an all new Basketball Wives LA, Tami explains to Jackie, Malaysia and Shaunie that there’s no way she will continue to stay in Portugal if Duffey is there. Both Tami and Shaunie let Jackie know, because it’s her trip, she needs to ultimately needs to decide on who goes back to LA but it’s either Duffey or both of them. Jackie is stressed that she has to make the choice but doesn’t think twice before saying that she’s not going to send Tami (and boss Shaunie) back home. She just doesn’t want to be the one to break the news to the rookie cast member. Fortunately for Jackie, Malaysia is all for letting Duffey know, “Sorry, it’s a tough titty but she’s gotta suck it somewhere else.” Bloop. Don’t miss this epic Basketball Wives LA, Sunday at 8/7c.