This Is What Happens When Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Asked to Say Something Nice About Each Other

If you can't say something nice...

By Brenden Gallagher

With the final question of the night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were asked to say something nice about each other. As expected, this wasn’t exactly an easy question for either candidate.

Hillary Clinton answered with “I respect his children.” Not only was this a good answer because it evaded, you know, actually saying something nice about her opponent, but it was also a nod to Ivanka Trump. Ivanka has emerged as the most competent spokesperson for Trump’s campaign, and it wouldn’t be totally shocking if she went on to have a career in politics after her father’s political career implodes.

Even though it was a savvy answer, it wasn’t necessarily one that hit with the viewers at home. Depending where you stand, you either saw the answer as a hilarious dodge or a willful slight. Almost no one thought it was anything less than total shade.

For once, Trump’s answer was a bit more straight forward than HRC’s. With his final answer, he probably gave his best answer of the night, in a debate that was rough for him almost start to finish. He said of his opponent, “She’s a fighter and doesn’t quit.” Clinton’s supporters were quick to point out that Trump has been attacking Hillary’s stamina and readiness for months. To them, his answer struck a false chord.

Even if the answers didn’t land for everyone, most of social media agreed that the question was a nice nod toward the possibility of a united country, even if for the briefest of moments.

Watch Democrats try to say one nice thing about Trump in the video below.

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