Uncle Luke Wants His Money Back From the Republican Party

The 2 Live Crew leader is furious over Trump's leaked audio.

Uncle Luke is fed up with Republican party. Back in 1990, his rap group 2 Live Crew was taken to court for obscenity charges on their 1989 album As Nasty As They Wanna Be. 2 Live Crew was called into question specifically for their vulgar lyrics and performances, which the prosecutor described as a simulation of “deviant sexual acts.” The group also went to the Supreme Court to fight for free speech in their music.

16 years laters, leaked audio of Republican candidate Donald Trump saying lewd comments about women in a 2005 interview. Most notably, Trump described his method of assaulting women, advising to “grab ’em by the p*ssy.” Uncle Luke is outraged by the audio and called out the Republican party for their hypocrisy.

“Boy, I gotta speak on this Donald Trump thing,” he states in an Instagram video. “Isn’t this the party that came after me? The right-wing conservative Republican party?” He reveals that he spent “millions and millions of dollars dealing with this Republican party.”

Now that same party is backing Trump, the level of hypocrisy has Luke demanding his money back. “All you Republican right-wing family Christian value people, “we are the party of Christian values,” Luke explains in the video. “Give me my motherf*cking millions and millions of dollars back for fighting this unsenseless war for free speech. I. Want. My. Money. Back.”

Watch the full video below.
To learn more about 2 Live Crew’s battle with Supreme Court for free speech check out the animated short “Luke Skyywalker Goes to the Supreme Court” below.

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