From Tattoo Artist To Video Vixen: Check Out Kat’s Starring Role In King Louie’s Video, “How We Settle That”

Everyone's just outchea working!

Well OK, Kat, we see you!

Kat is not only a badass tattoo artist but now she can add video vixen to her resume. Seems like she wasn’t playing when she said she was trying to expand her brand. Recently, Chicago rapper King Louie has been on Kat’s heels after spending a lot more time with 9Mag’s prodigal daughter and and getting inked by her on the show. Kat decided to come out of her shell a little bit and star in King Louie’s video “How We Settle That.” It may not be the typical vixen role but Kat didn’t need to act too much to play the sexy tattoo artist. How do you think she did?

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