Check Yourself: Moniece Doesn’t F–k With Jason Lee But Is All Here For Him Making Lil Brandi Bark Like A Dog

"Did he just tell her to bark like a dog? I don't really f--k with Jason but that is very befitting."

It really is a cold, cold day when your enemies can link & laugh together.

Moniece has a long list of people she doesn’t eff with, Jason Lee included, but that doesn’t stop her from giving him props in this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Although Mo is all here for Brandi’s public humiliation, it wasn’t until this episode aired that Mo found out Jason was an enemy. Well, it is Hollywood, so no surprise there. Making Lil Brandi stand on one leg and bark like dog is satisfaction enough to Miss Petty Crocker.

Meanwhile, the way Safaree spits game has Lyrica dying laughing. Lyrica’s comment about being able to cook and give bomb, er, mouth services, has Safaree a little confused seeing as how she said that in front of her mother-in-law, Pam. Lyrica defends her statement saying Pam should be happy that her son, A1, has a wife that can “do it all.” While some agree A1 was out of pocket for pulling out that waist trainer, Lyrica shares that he should’ve gifted her with the waist trainer instead. Hot pink at that? Well, alright. The stuntman feels Lyrica Garrett may have overreacted a bit. To him, a gift is a gift. She should just “be grateful someone was thinking about [her] ass.” OK, Safaree.

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