We’re Gonna Have To See That Again: Ashley’s Ratchet Friends Try To Jump Charmaine In 9Mag

"I don't appreciate these weak a-- hoes, coming into my shop thinking they can start some s--t with me over your man that ain't come home."

Ashley’s worried about Snapchat when she should’ve been worried about Instagram (sips tea, pinky up).

Ashley’s friends pull up to 9Mag and fail at an attempt to wash up Charmaine in this Black Ink Crew Chicago highlight. Don has been moving around real sneaky lately, keeping Ashley in the dark about having another child by a woman named Whitney. After seeing Charmaine all buddy-buddy with Don on Snapchat, Ashley runs up in the shop to see what’s really going on with her man. Tired of not getting the answers they’re looking for, Ashley’s friends jump Charmaine, causing even Kat to come to Charmaine’s defense. Things cool down for about four seconds, until Charmaine presses one of Ashley’s friends to find out what’s the issue. Let’s just say, confronting the girl probably wasn’t the smartest move while thrown off the Henny.

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