Van’s House Arrest Is Taking A Toll On His Relationship With His Girlfriend

"I'm sitting around doing nothing all f---ing day. I ain't used to this. So yeah, I'm pissed off."

But whose door he slamming like that though? Tuh!

Van is beginning to suffer from some major cabin fever and his girlfriend is unfortunately feeling it in this Black Ink Crew Chicago bonus clip. Van may be free from prison but he’s still under house arrest and unable to move like he used to before he was locked up. His on-again, off-again girlfriend of six years, Jen, feels this is the perfect opportunity for them to get their relationship on track. While that may be true, Van can’t bring himself think about his relationship when he’s not even 100% free. After Jen basically insinuates that Van did this to himself, he shuts down and dips — slamming doors all willy nilly.

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