Behind the Vote: How Will the Next President Handle Racial Injustice in America?

Carri Twigg and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake discuss the vital issue.

Our Behind the Vote series is back with a topic that has dominated the headline sin 2016. Host Carri Twigg sat down with Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to discuss racial injustice in America. Though the issue of race and police reform has been a vital and controversial national issue over the last two years, it hasn’t been discussed much during the first two presidential debates. As Twigg points out, Donald Trump has only recently fumbled into a policy on the topic, focused largely on the widely debunked “Stop and Frisk” practice.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake draws a direct line from injustices such as what happened to Freddie Grey and electoral politics. She reflects on recent demonstrations in Baltimore and what they say about the nation as a whole. After the death of Freddie Grey, she knew that her reaction to the outrage in the city would set the tone for race relations between police and Black students in Baltimore City. She says, “I knew that I had to get it right or we could lose another young person on the streets of Baltimore.”

This experience reinforced her belief in the importance of electing a president who understands social justice.

Watch Carri Twigg and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake discuss how the 2016 candidates have addressed issues of racial injustice related to Black and Latino communities in America.

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