Beyoncé Is Now Being Used to Defend Donald Trump’s “Grab Them By the P—y” Tape

The reach is very real.

Just when you thought the 2016 presidential election couldn’t get anymore bizarre, Ex-New York politician Betsy McCaughey is dragging Queen Bey into Donald Trump’s mess. During a panel discussion on CNN, Betsy argues that Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite for finding Trump’s comments “horrific” but idolizes Beyoncé.

She goes on to use Bey’s popular “Red Lobster” line from “Formation” against Clinton arguing that the lyric is on par with Trump’s disgusting womanizing comments. I’m not making this up.

“She likes language like this: ’I came to slay b—h,'” McCaughey said on CNN Tonight with host Don Lemon. “When he f–k me good, I take his a– to Red Lobster, cause I slay,” McCaughey added.

Yes, it’s an explicit lyric, but it depicts consensual sex and not sexually assaulting someone. There’s a huge difference! Don Lemon struggled to keep his laughter to a minimum after hearing her ludicrous argument. He then shuts her down saying, “Hillary Clinton didn’t say those words, and Donald Trump did.”

Watch below.