Watch 10 Artists Face Absolutely Cringeworthy Onstage Accidents

Because you always have to expect the unexpected.

By James Dinh

Regardless of the amount of rehearsal time that entertainers put into their stage sets, it’s important to remember that absolutely anything and everything can happen to a performer once they’re in front of a live audience. All it takes is one misplaced bodyguard, a faulty stage prop or even a crazed fan, and you have yourself the recipe for an OMG-worthy incident. While we respect a cool and collective reaction, it still doesn’t make the incident any less enticing to watch like rolling passed a car crash.

Because the internet has made everything last forever and ever, VH1 has rounded up some of the most headlining worthy incidents in the last few years to make your Friday just a teeny bit more entertaining.

  1. Beyoncé Vs. Stage Fan

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    Queen Bey has her share of haters, but even the Beygency can’t fend off the mechanics of a good ol’ stage fan. During one evening of her “Mrs. Carter” world tour, the pop titan faced off against one of her most common counterparts: the fan. It’s usually used to blow her 30-inch weave into various directions, but this time it got caught in the fan. Thankfully, the BeyHive was by her side to help untangle the long locks and the singer continued on as if the incident never occurred. Now, that’s a pro!

  2. Rae Sremmurd Vs. Glass

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    If you’ve been to a Rae Sremmurd show, you know that the group amps the energy level all the way up to the tippy top. However, Slim Jimmy of the hip hop duo had to scale it back a bit when he fell at last weekend’s Governors Ball Music Festival. During a performance of “Unlock The Swag,” the MC took a tumble off a speaker and got a big piece of glass stuck in his leg. Believe it or not, Slim Jimmy kept on spitting while the doctors tended to his injury, and we couldn’t be any more proud.

  3. Britney Spears Vs. Crazed Fan

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    Beyoncé won a battle against a stage fan, but there was a time when Britney Spears went head to head with one of her own crazed fans. During an encore performance of “Womanizer” at her “Circus Starring: Britney Spears” world tour in 2009, a fan actually made his way on stage just a few feet away from the singer. Since her stage was so massive, it’s likely that the pop titan didn’t see him until he was all up in her business, and boy, did she freak out. Thankfully, B’s dancers came to the rescue and no one was hurt or harmed in the process, except maybe the fan’s criminal record. He was arrested immediately afterwards and cited with a single breach of peace charge over the ambush.

  4. Enrique Iglesias Vs. Drone

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    Just last month, Enrique Iglesias got into a nasty injury when he attempted to grab a drone that was filming his show in Tijuana, Mexico. Unfortunately, Iglesias ended up slicing his finger, creating one bloody mess in front of his audience. And even though he was gushing blood, he took the opportunity to show his concert go-ers that he really does care by drawing a heart on his shirt with his own blood. It was part creepy, part cool and everything that a Latin heartthrob would do.

  5. Toni Braxton Vs. Her Dress

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    It’s one thing to have a little wardrobe malfunction when you’re hustling and bustling on stage. It’s another story for your dress to basically fall off your body, and that’s exactly what happened to Toni Braxton. During a show in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the R&B songstress’ dress, which was basically a few pieces of glittery fabric, started coming undone. Thankfully, a back-up dancer just removed the scrappy ensemble after a crowd go-er offered his blazer. Front top wardrobe malfunction averted.

  6. Azealia Banks Vs. Beer Can

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    Azealia Banks did not appreciate it when a rowdy audience member threw a beer can at her during her performance at Australia’s Listen Out Festival in 2013, and she made a very Azalea decision to walk off stage. That’s right. She reportedly cut the performance only after a few minutes and marched off the platform like a big ol’ brat after the flying object almost hit her.

  7. Justin Bieber Vs. His Stomach

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    Sometimes it’s not even about the stage set, but more so the performer’s own body. Just ask Justin Bieber. During a stop on his “Believe” tour in Glendale, Arizona, the then 18-year-old pop star threw up on stage, blaming his sickness on drinking milk before the show. But even after he blew chucks and ran off stage, the Biebster continued on with the show with just bad breath and all.

  8. Miguel Vs. Gravity

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    Remember when Miguel thought he was a superhero and leaped across a pit of people, only to end up falling short on two female audience members? Go ahead. Cue that head shake. Nonetheless, the 2013 Billboard Music Award incident occurred and he’s still paying the consequences for the mishap. Back in May, it was reported that one of the two women is coming forth after all this time to sue Miguel and the MGM Grand for negligence. Moral of the story: you’re not superman.

  9. Ciara Vs. Lawsuit

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    Ciara received one heck of a surprised when she was served with a subpoena in the middle of her set at L.A. Gay Pride in 2013. During a performance of “Promise,” the songstress quickly scanned some papers that were handed to her by a “fan,” before tossing them to the side. Cici allegedly didn’t show up for a performance at a nightclub, and it looks like this is how they decided to break the news to her. How embarrassing!

  10. Danny Brown Vs. The Thirst

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    Danny Brown made news in 2013 with a blow job heard all around the world when a concert go-er got way too intimate with the MC. Sure, he was standing on the barricades with his pelvis in some faces. Sure, it was a rowdy crowd. However, we doubt that anyone was really expecting for this to take place. We don’t think you need the video to visual this one.