Before OITNB‘s Ruby Rose Was Everyone’s New Bae, She Slayed as an MTV VJ

And here we are shamelessly feeding into your new obsession. #NotSorry

Ruby Rose is the hot AF actress who is making everyone on the planet question their sexuality. I mean, she is BAE. She plays the “gender fluid” Stella on Orange Is the New Black, (and identifies as gender fluid IRL). We already know she’ll be a pioneer in the LGBTQ community, but before she starts her world domination, don’t forget that she was already around. The 29-year-old Aussie is a DJ and model, and did you know she was an MTV VJ beginning circa 2008? Everyone always loved her and you didn’t even know it yet.

  • She stares right into your soul, even with sunglasses on.


    I don’t think I’m living rn.

  • Here she is, chic as hell in NYC.


    NO ONE looks that flawless on the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Ruby did it first, Katy Perry


    Just saying.

  • How can someone be so cool?


    We don’t get it.

  • Multiple shirtless dudes, and our eyes are still on her.


    It’s just the way it goes.

  • Just wearing every badass accessory ever made.



  • Did we mention the accent?


    The one that makes you slip into a trance of love?

  • She’s just as adorable with long hair and food hanging out of her mouth.


    People this perfect can pull that kind of thing off, I guess.

  • Here she is in an all-black display of hotness


    I’ll never be over it.

  • OMG did she just pull off Madonna better than Madonna?


    Yeah, she did.

  • You mad, Jessie J?


    YOU MAD?

  • Look at her mom gazing at her thinking, “I made this perfect specimen.”



  • Sorry, we’ve reached cuteness capacity for the rest of our days.


    We said we were sorry.

  • “To all those girls who bullied me in high school…


    Where are you now?” Eternal YASSSS.

  • Lastly, here’s a compilation of all her slay

    Embedded from

    To watch over and over once you finish season 3, until the end of time.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.