Moniece Went Awf On Twitter Monday Night After Learning Brandi Was Planning To Release Her Sex Tape

"Each and every person sitting in that room is going to regret it."

Don’t let this reality thing fool you, ish will definitely get real.

Seems like Moniece wasn’t very happy watching Monday night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The singer took to Twitter to let a few things off her chest after watching Princess and Brandi conjure up a plan with Jason Lee to release an alleged sex tape. Although Moniece did fire at Brandi at the listening party, Mo feels this plan to release her sex tape is going way too far. According to Mo’s tweets, Princess, Brandi and Jason are going to “…regret it and beg for forgiveness.”

“Each and every person sitting in that room is going to regret it. Beg for forgiveness, never! Outsmart you, always…#countdowntocourt”

She then went on to come at the “powers that be”:

“And the powers at be who were so desperate for drama, are going to be sick by the time I’m done with them too. Built a season off my back!”

“How stupid could you be? You were legally notified that you were assisting these folks in a crime and you forged ahead anyway!”

“So, I don’t feel like I was compensated enough for this type of exploitation, stress, or humiliation.”

“These folks at the tip top got me fucked up.”

Prior to the show’s airing on Monday night, Moniece originally posted that she had no intentions on commenting on the sex tape scandal or Jason at all. She posted the following tweegram and caption reading:
“No comment…Sad day when you’ve done literally nothing to an individual. A man at that. And he makes it his mission to do what he thinks is destroying you. But ultimately will damage the one individual who has nothing to do with any of it. My child. And if it weren’t for that, I’d let them keep it up.”

You all know when those little wheels start turning in Moniece’s head, this won’t end too well. Lawd, take the wheel because…

In case you haven’t seen the scene that got Moniece so hot, here you go:

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