#Top5Curves Is Hilariously Trending on Twitter, But No One Wants to Make This List

People just won't let that Drake and Jhene Aiko moment go. ?

By Jasmine Washington

Thanks to the wonderful people of Black Twitter you have something to get rolling out the office on Hump Wednesday. #Top5Curves has risen as the go to hashtag to make getting over the hump a little easier this week. It may be at the expense of embarrassed or humiliated suitors, but #Top5Curves reveals the humor in being denied.

If you’re unfamiliar with the new social media lingo, a curve is a subtle or not-so subtle as you’ll see momentarily way of letting down someone that expresses an interest in you.

In today’s social media dating scene, it’s cool to slide in someone’s DM’s and shoot your digital shot, just use these hilarious tweets as a reminder of what could possibly happen if you get shot down in the end.

We created a panel of real–yes, real–men to figure out the answer all the questions ladies are dying to know about the male species. Does it really go down in the DMs?