Tommy Ford’s Funniest Moments on Martin

“You ain’t got no job, man!”

By Marcus Reeves

Tommy Mikal Ford, who passed away this week, played many roles in his 30-year career. But, of course, he’s best known for playing the role of Tommy on the hit TV sitcom Martin. Suave but jobless, Ford was the perfect straight man to Martin’s rude and silly antics, helping to create some of the show’s classic moments. Here’s a look at a few of Ford’s funniest moments on the show. Check them out below.

  • Dead Men Don’t Flush

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    After a plumber supposedly dies while fixing Martin’s toilet, someone needs to preach the dead man’s impromptu funeral. And Tommy delivers.

  • Fat Like That

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    An aerobics instructor challenges Martin, Tommy and Cole to keep up with her advanced exercise routine. But within minutes of speeding things up, Tommy is exhausted into submission…literally. When Martin tries to pump Tommy back, asking him “What’s yo name,” Tommy shouts: “Toby!”

  • Baby, It’s You

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    Tommy, Martin and Cole are forced to deliver a baby when a woman goes into labor. After the baby rockets into the world, across the room and into Martin’s arms, Tommy is shocked that the newborn doesn’t have an umbilical cord.

  • No Justice, No Peace

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    Martin goes to court to fight a traffic ticket, and acts as his own lawyer. But when he cross examines his friends he discovers one of Tommy’s dirt little dating secrets called “G.T.D.”

  • The Closer I Get to You

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    After Martin substitutes as host for a TV talk show and dubs himself the “love doctor,” his advice inadvertently brings Tommy and Pam together. And the two want to keep their relationship a secret, especially from Martin. But they eventually get busted.

  • Tommy Ain’t Got No Job

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    One of the biggest mysteries and running gags on Martin was what type of work Tommy did for a living…or if he even had a job. But no matter how much Ford’s character claimed he had a gig—even producing a large wad of cash in one episode—none of his buddies believed he was employed, always saying: “You ain’t got no job.”