Check Yourself: Moniece Watches Princess And Ray J’s Argument, Reveals She’s Ready To Get Jiggy With Ray Now That Princess Has Left The Building

"Bad Ray J! Bad, bad Ray J!"

Safaree Samuels can’t seem to contain his laughter while watching the argument between Princess and Ray J in this week’s Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. All jokes aside, wedding season is supposed to be a time of happiness and bliss, but according to Safaree, Ray and Princess’s relationship is looking a lot like “crappiness and piss” (give the man credit for trying). Moniece, of course, has nothing but eye rolls and thinks it wouldn’t be so difficult to find a badder b—h than Princess.

Meanwhile Safaree, A1, and Lyrica all have no idea how Safaree ended up on A1’s, Lyrica G’s car while it was being towed. Whether Lyrica G OD’d or not, one thing everyone watching the scene can agree on is that Lyrica and A1’s mothers are both ’bout that life.

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