TV Talk Show Moments That Went Left Real Quick

Less talk, all action.

By Brenden Gallagher

Plot twists don’t just happen on Game of Thrones and Empire. Sometimes, talk shows have twists that are just as unexpected as Cersei blowing up a castle. Since talk shows are set up for fireworks, the most exciting moments are necessarily the biggest reveals, but the most surprising one. Let’s take a moment to celebrate some of those big moments we never saw coming. Here are TV Talk Show Moments That Went Left Real Quick.

  • Geraldo V. Skinheads

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    If people try to tell you about a more innocent past in American politics they certainly aren’t talking about 1988. After listening to a group of young Skinheads spew hatred and misinformation, a panelist decides he’s had enough. Geraldo, who was already fed up with the Neonazis, also got all up in the messy mix.

  • Roy Innis v. Al Sharpton

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    The gentleman who started the scuffle with the Neonazis is a man by the name of Roy Innis. That same year, on The Morton Downey Jr. show, he got into it with Reverend Al Sharpton. Innis maintains that Sharpton and he remained friends after the incident. That may be, but there was clearly no love lost in the moment.

  • Ask Steve, “Who’s Your Daddy?”

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    You wouldn’t know it from his recent beauty pageant mistakes, but not much can shake Steve Harvey. However, when a woman grabs the mic and lets him know that she has been telling her daughter that Steve is her dad, Steve shuts that madness down.

  • Woman knocked her own teeth out. How?

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    We’ve all heard of losing you teeth in a brawl, but how about losing your teeth before a brawl? As she was bracing for battle on Jerry’s hallowed stage one woman’s dentures went flying.

  • Whoopi and Joy ain’t got time for that.

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    Of the shows on the daytime circuit, The View is known for being pretty tame. Leave it to Bill O’Reilly to change all that. Back in 2010, when a mosque being built in proximity to the World Trade Center, tensions flared. O’Reilly made the rounds on morning shows during that time, explicitly blaming Muslims for the 9/11 attacks. On this partiular day, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg weren’t having it.

  • Don’t interrupt Bill Maher or you might catch these hands.

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    Bill Maher doesn’t have the reputation for mixing it up like Jerry Springer, but if push comes to shove, he can throw down. When a couple 9/11 truthers attempted to heckle him, he assisted security in getting them TFO.

  • A twerker not a fighter.

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    Sometimes fights are surprising, but sometimes it’s even more surprising when a fight doesn’t happen. In this Jerry Springer episode, two women look like they’re about to throw down, and opt to get down instead.