Donald Trumps Bashes Alec Baldwin’s Portrayal of Him on SNL

The GOP nominee wants the show to "retire."

Donald Trump isn’t here for Saturday Night Live’s portrayal of him.

During last nights episode, Alec Baldwin’s Trump and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton were back taking questions from undecided voters in a sketch mocking the second presidential debate. The GOP nominee demonstrated how thin-skinned he is on Sunday morning by blasting the show claiming that SNL had performed a “hit job” on him.

Twitter isn’t to fond of his attack on SNL, asking him why a presidential candidate would stoop so low as to commenting on the satirical skits.

The cold open sketch riffed on several notable moments of the actual debate, including Trump’s hovering over Clinton, and his attempt to address his sexual assault allegations by pointing fingers at Bill Clinton’s accusers. Watch the skit below.

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