Sneak Peek: New Artist Cobra Kat Pisses Ryan Off In Her First Hour On The Job By Implying That 9Mag Is Filthy

"I cant believe that Cobra just started and she's already complaining about the place."

The girl hasn’t even been there an hour, sheesh!

Ryan brings in newbie tattoo artist Cobra Kat to 9Mag but the Charmaine and Danielle don’t seem to be feeling her much in this Black Ink Crew Chicago sneak peek. After Van walks away from 9Mag, Ryan is left explaining his need to hire another new artist. Danielle let’s Ryan know just how shady his business decisions are. Paying Danielle no mind, Ryan shows Cobra to her new station which she completely wipes down to rid of the room of all the germs. Granted, the girl has OCD but Ryan still feels low-key offended. Even though she goes mad hard with the sanitizing, he decides to let Cobra rock for now- after all he can’t be out here looking silly for his new hire.

Cobra’s client must be very loyal, scrubbing chairs like that and whatnot. Hope she gave him a discount. Don’t miss an all new Black Ink Crew Chicago, next Monday at 9/8c!

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