Celebrities Are Tapped Out After the Final Presidential Debate

It's over.

While there has been widespread anger and mockery directed towards Donald Trump throughout this election cycle, the major feeling following the third and final debate is exhaustion. Donald Trump’s candidacy has been exasperating for much of America, and this debate cemented that feeling of utter frustration. Trump talked over the moderator and his opponent. He interrupted constantly, even calling Hillary Clinton “such a nasty woman.” He found new gaffes to make, despite owning the last year of the media cycle with his gaffes, tossing out careless lines like “bad hombre.” Despite video evidence we’ve seen of his comments on a disabled journalist, his sexual assault accusers, heads of state, and myriad other issues, Trump refused to take responsibility for his words. Rather than explain himself, he denied that these comments ever took place. Trump even refused to formally accept the outcome of the election.

It was one last petty political clash for he American people and everyone is just tired. Here’s what celebs on Twitter had to say about the night.

This is the third episode of our new Behind the Vote digital series. Carri Twigg, Marc Lamont Hill and TK discuss the issue of criminal justice in this election.

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