Donald Trump Was a #BadHombre at the Final Debate

This guy.

In a night that supposed to be favorable to Donald Trump, thanks to Chris Wallace, a moderator in the employ of Fox News, The Donald stumbled early. Between shouting down the moderator, evasive answers, and verbal gaffes, he squandered that advantage in minutes.

Of course Twitter went HAM!

Some made Three Amigos references.

Others had visions of Danny Trejo.

A number of prominent Latinos embraced the hashtag as a critique of Trump’s draconian military strategies.

Some wished that fantasy football season had started just a little later.

Others just had to repeat themselves to confirm what they just heard is real life.

Many felt that this was just another creative way for Trump to get racist without being bleeped by censors.

Some remembered their own #badhombres moments.

A few people were sensing the beginning of a trend.

Some saw this as a piece of Trump’s ever growing paranoia.

And some just saw things as they were.

This is the third episode of our new Behind the Vote digital series. Carri Twigg, Marc Lamont Hill and TK discuss the issue of criminal justice in this election.

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