Reality TV Mother-in-Laws You Don’t Want to Mess With

Good ole' fashioned mama drama!

By Claire Downs

The old saying is true: when you marry someone, you marry their entire family! And that includes your boo’s OG lady in his life, his mama! She’s the one who raised him and changed his diapers after all, so you better pay your respects!

Still, that doesn’t make dealing with your MIL any easier. The little comments, the snide remarks, and the untimely “drop-ins” make for great TV. So, in honor of National Mother-In-Law Day on October 23rd, here are some reality TV mamas who perfectly encapsulate that family drama. And don’t forget to buy your in-laws something nice – it’ll win you brownie points.

  • When Lyrica Garrett towed A1’s car.

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    Never buy a car using your MIL’s credit card. If you do, you might get towed!

  • When Yandy tried to call out Judy.

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    Your mama-in-law’s word is the only word, because family comes first!

  • When Shirlene ran over Kirk’s motorcycle.

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    If you cross your boo, beware your MIL – she doesn’t have time for any of your dumb hobbies!

  • When Kirk asked Shirlene to stop kissing his baby.

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    Sometimes your bae’s mom can get too clingy with your kids. Take a deep breath, and don’t think about the germs.

  • When Shirlene got real about women’s rights.

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    When your girl talks to her ma about you, be sure to be able to defend your choices.

  • When Sonja laid down the prenup law for Ray J and Princess.

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    That awkward feeling when it’s time to talk money.

  • When Sonja and Brandy Set Princess Straight

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    Sometimes sister-in-law can be the realest.

  • When Shannon Beador’s MIL talked behind her back.

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    It’s not just petty, it’s a whole conspiracy against each other.

  • Krista Stodden (Courtney’s mom) denies Doug’s allegations.

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    Relationships are all about honesty, so everybody needs to fess up!

  • When Momma Joyce came for Todd Tucker’s neck.

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    Todd Tucker learned quick that marrying Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss meant he had to make her momma happy too.