Terry Tate Shows Donald Trump How to Make America Great

This is exactly what this election needed.

The most elite linebacker of all time, Terry Tate is back, and instead of tearing up offices he’s ready to tackle the 2016 Presidential election. In a new propaganda video created by Funny or Die, Terry proves he know’s how to make America great.

The video begins with the controversial leaked footage of Donald Trump and Billy Bush’s disgusting conversation about sexually assaulting women. After they leave the tour bus, our hero Terry Tate emerges and “truck sticks” Trump across the parking lot then shouts, “That’s how Terry Tate makes America great baby!” We won’t blame you for standing up and applauding at this point.

He then stands over Trump shouting, “You can’t go around grabbing people willy-nilly son! That’s creepy. What kind of locker rooms you’ve been hanging out in Donnie, huh?”

Tate finishes strong by turning around and subtly saying, “Hey Billy Bush! You’re fired!” As he walks off. The video ends with a vote for Terry Tate message. Our vote is sold. Watch the full video below.

Embedded from www.funnyordie.com.