Marvel Pulls Iron Man Cover After Fans Complain About Sexualizing a Teenage Girl

People didn't think the image was age-appropriate.

Comic book fans were thrilled when Marvel announced that Riri Williams, a 15-year-old Black girl, would be at the center of it’s Iron Man franchise. Controversy quickly replaced the initial excitement after the series’ debut cover surfaced online.

Marvel and Invincible Iron Man illustrator J. Scott Campbell quickly came under fire from angry social media followers enraged by the crop top-sporting curvaecous girl that was supposed to represent the teenage superhero.

The tweets shaming Marvel and Campbell for sexualizing young girls ultimately led to Marvel pulling the cover. Campbell took to social media once news broke that Marvel had opted for another cover.

In the meantime, Marvel has gone on to debut new, more conservative, examples of Riri Williams created by artist Stefano Caselli.

The Invincible Iron Man is slated to hit stores this November.