Why Is Future All Up in the Middle of Scottie Pippen’s Divorce?

What is going on in this relationship?

NBA Superstar Scottie Pippen has reportedly filed for divorce from his wife Larsa after she apparently hooked up with Future.

According to TMZ, sources on both Scottie and Larsa’s, she’s been jumping on Future’s private jet, traveling with him to various cities, including Vegas last month.Both sources also claim that Future and Larsa got very intimate at a nightclub in Miami recently.

They claim that the relationship between the two are “casual.” Her fling with the rapper might actually stem from Pippen reportedly openly flirting with an actress last Summer, and Larsa felt disrespected, according to the source. Thus, revenge? Or are the two becoming serious? Regardless, Future is all up in Pippens’s divorce.

Neither party has commented on these rumors or Future allegations. Only time will tell what really is going on.