Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage After He Couldn’t “Connect” With His Fans

All Biebs wanted was their undivided attention.

By Jasmine Washington

What started out as an intimate moment between Justin Bieber and his fans quickly turned into a meltdown as he performed in Manchester, England over the weekend.

Loud screams and applause from the jammed packed audience flustered the singer as he tried to engage in some serious dialogue. The Biebs was quickly booed after he asked concertgoers to pipe down during breaks so he could “connect” with them.

Fed up with the pandemonium, Justin Bieber dropped the mic and stormed off stage. Upon his return, the Biebs let it be known that he wasn’t trying to be an “a**hole” per say, he just needed their undivided attention, but his fans just weren’t trying to hear it. One concertgoer was even heard saying “get over it,” as the pop star revealed that he’d quit talking and only sing because “Manchester just can’t handle it.” Yikes!

Watch the clip of Biebs walking off stage and tell us what you think in the comments.

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