Hazel-E & Masika’s First Rendezvous Since Season One of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Tragically Ends in a Lot of Wasted Liquor

"I don't want to hear what this b---h has to say to me, the only thing I want to hear from that collagen creation is an apology for what you said about my daughter."

Be messy all day, but leave the kids out of it y’all…

Hazel-E is back and messier than ever in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood highlight. After catching wind of some comments Hazel made questioning the paternity of Baby Khari, Masika pulls up on her to clear a few things up. Masika wants Hazel to apologize for saying Fetty isn’t the baby daddy but Hazel makes is very clear that apology is never going to happen. Let’s rewind a little bit, because we haven’t seen these two together since season one. So Hazel-E released a song featuring Masika’s baby daddy Fetty Wap except it sounded more like Fetty Flop, to Masika. After hearing the track, Masika had enough and tweeted:

After the Celebritea News posted on Masika’s comments, Hazel-E retweeted the article saying, “And that’s not Fetty’s Baby! We need Maury”:

So now you see why Masika got so tight. That’s not all, though. Masika clapped back with, “Great come back Ignore the fact that u got a fake on your trash ass song & lied & said it’s my BD by saying something foul about a child”:

Finally in an “all jokes aside” tweet, Masika admits, “I ain’t even mad at that pump fake you just embarrassed yourself with” but warns Hazel-E saying, “But make another joke about my child if you want to”.

Which brings us here to this scene. Insert a “Nasal-He” insult here and a “you need more work done” diss there and before you know it, drinks are being thrown and the two are scrapping.

New Hazel looks good though, I’m not even going to hold you. Don’t miss an all new Love & Hip hop Hollywood, next Monday at 8/7c!

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