Tyson Beckford Told Us How Big He Is Down There

If you have to ask yourself where, we're ashamed of you.

Tyson Beckford and Chris Brown engaged in a little Twitter feud over Karrueche Tran a few weeks ago, but CB may want to watch his back. And that’s saying something. Tyson revealed to The Gossip Table just how much he’s packing in the pants and let’s just say that if he’s telling the truth, he could probably kill someone with his penis.

Tyson tells TGT that “on a good day, [he’s] 10 inches strong.” That’s almost a ruler. Or the length of your forearm. Basically, a pole vault. ICYWW, he also revealed that he lost his virginity when he was 18 to his childhood sweetheart and they’re still friends.

Anyway, see you out there, T.

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