Hazel-E’s Explosive Return To Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Naturally Led To A Twitter Fingers Fiasco With Masika

Well, that went left...

Guess Hazel-E finally accepted that Fetty is the biological father of Baby Khari because now she’s saying he deserves full custody of his daughter with Masika.

Last night Hazel-E not so subtly returned to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood to settle some unfinished business with former friend Masika, and it seems they’re still going at it. After a Twitter argument about the authenticity of Hazel-E’s song featuring Masika’s baby daddy erupted a few months back, the paternity of Baby Khari was called into question. Since then, Masika has been demanding an apology from Hazel — one Hazel clearly doesn’t want to give. Since then, their arguments escalated from Fetty Flop to Masika apparently starring in a sex tape of her own. It started (again) when Masika tweeted several times, coming at Hazel’s appearance and for recording a song with an alleged fraud-Fetty.

In a series of tweets she said

Nasal he so happy to be on 1 episode that I allowed her to be in after begging to get back on the whole season but no one wanted her nose. Nasal just stop trying to do everything I do. U can’t. Stick w/ your bipolar c—k head pimp & keep poppin that p–s for cocaine & Jewelery. I told the producers 10 times take beak bills drink b4 she clunks over here she’s a weak b—h who can’t fight me or match me with words. And like a weak b—h she waits for me to dismiss her and turn my back to try and throw a drink. Clown ass B—h. Wait, did they try to make it look like I sent big bird a bottle and I came to her party?!!! Who makes up this shit

Hazel- E finally responded calling out Masika for allegedly being a different type of actress. She said, “You big porno star, thot with a mug shot, not getting paid for your work ass b—h! You should be shamed, Fetty should get full custody”:

We can’t verify it for sure, but click here to see Hazel’s alleged receipts!


In case you missed the magical moment these two reunited:

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