Vanessa Hudgens Revealed a New Hairstyle and Quickly Got Called Out For Cultural Appropriation

Some people don't think her new look is a good look.

By Jasmine Washington

Another day, another celebrity caught up in the midst of cultural appropriation controversy. This time, singer/actress Vanessa Hudgens is up to bat.

Hudgens was immediately called out after she unveiled box braids, which appear to be a lace front wig, on Snapchat. Social media users quickly bashed the singer for constantly borrowing from other cultures and religions without giving props.

This isn’t Hudgens’ first time being accused of cultural appropriation.

Braids, box braids in particular, have somehow managed to become the center of the debate over cultural appropriation. Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have managed to transform braids and cornrows, historically worn by African-Americans, to trendy ’boxer braids’ without acknowledging its origins.

Is wearing your hair in cornrows if you’re not Black cultural appropriation or not? Find out what three women had to say after wearing the style for a week in the clip below.

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