The People Attacking Ciara For Being Pregnant By Her Husband Are Failing at Life

Please cancel your thoughts for the rest of the week.

By Jasmine Washington

Leave it up to the Internet to turn a happy occasion into one big mess. Twitter trolls completely hijacked Ciara and Russell Wilson’s pregnancy announcement and slammed the singer for having a child by her husband. Nope, you’re not bugging. People are actually upset that Ciara’s expecting a child with the man she married, and even went so far as to drag her ex-fiancé Future into the conversation.

While naysayers are calling Ciara out for getting pregnant by her husband, there’s been tons of supporters emerging in her defense.

Love, marriage and then the baby carriage? According to the vintage childhood saying, Ciara got it right this time. It’s too bad that her celebratory moment has resulted in so much slander.