Sevyn Streeter Says She Was Pulled From Performing at NBA Game Because of This Jersey

Her message wasn't received well.

The Philadelphia 76er’s organization has finally spoken on it’s decision to block Sevyn Streeter’s performance at it’s season opener earlier this week. The 76er’s apologized to the singer and have extended an invitation for her to perform again.

A statement from the team read, “We are sorry that this happened. After receiving feedback from our players, basketball operations staff and ownership group, we believe that the wrong decision was made, and Sevyn should have been welcomed to sing.”

Offering an olive branch, the statement continued, “We apologize to her, and in an effort to move the conversation forward, we have reached out to offer her an opportunity to return and perform at a game of her choice. We are waiting to hear back.”

Sevyn Streeter’s attempt to raise awareness cost her big time.
The songstress claims that she was prevented from singing “The Star Spangled Banner” at Wednesday’s Philadelphia 76ers game because of what she was wearing.

Streeter uploaded a video to Instagram revealing that she’d been pulled from performing at the season opener because the jersey she wore read, “We Matter.

“I was suppose to sing the national anthem at the @sixers and @okcthunder game in #Philly but minutes before @sixers organization said I could not because I was wearing a “We Matter” jersey. WTF.” she explained.

In a recent chat with the Associated Press Sevyn Streeter claimed to be “excited” to perform the national anthem initially but was “heart broken” at the 76er organization’s decision to pull her performance minutes before she hit the stage. “Yes, we live in the greatest country in the world but there are issues that we cannot ignore,” she said. “This can’t be ignored.”

The 76ers organization has yet to comment on their decision to stop Sevyn Streeter’s performance.

Oh, and if you were interested, a member of the Philadelphia 76er dance team wound up performing the national anthem at the Sixer’s opener against the Oklahoma City Thunder.