Four Years Later: Remembering How Big Ang’s Spirit And Generosity Offered Relief To Those Who Needed It After Hurricane Sandy

"It's heart wrenching watching these people have nothing....Everything's going to come together, you have to have faith."

Big Ang is often remembered for a lot of great things, but this clip of her aiding in the Hurricane Sandy relief effort reminds us all of the person we knew and loved.

On October 29, 2012 Superstorm Sandy struck the East Coast, and four years later people are still recovering. In this flashback clip from Mob Wives, Ang’s fervent aura alone is enough to put smiles on people’s faces despite the circumstance. She revealed her own personal losses were deemed irrelevant after learning people not only lost their homes, but their lives. Ang was heartbroken to see the devastation and made a point to offer what she could to give the people who lost everything even a morsel of hope.

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