Zombie Love is Real: Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney are Dating


Walking Dead fans, rejoice. Zombie love is in the air.

Us Weekly reports that Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus are officially a couple. Norman plays Daryl Dixon on the popular AMC show, and Emily played Beth Greene until her character was killed off in 2014.

“They had a connection early on in the show,” a source told Us Weekly, “but the romance developed recently. They’re still pretty guarded about it.”

But one thing Norman wasn’t shy about was reaching out to Emily when he found out her character was getting written off the show last year. “Everyone reached out, though I remember Norman texted me—he’s so sweet,” Emily told Us Weekly a few months back.

The story also goes on to say Norman is a huge supporter of Emily’s budding music career, and that Emily even carries a keepsake Norman gave her everywhere she goes. So damn tender.

Fingers crossed The Walking Dead writers take note of this IRL relationship and find a way to write Beth back into the show. (It’s about zombies, y’all. Anything can happen.)

UPDATE, 6/17, 4:30 PM: MTV News confirmed that Norman and Emily are actually not dating. We repeat: NOT dating. Zombie love might not be so real, after all. (For now!)