Meek Mill Speaks on Drake Beef, His Relationship with Nicki Minaj and More on Tax Season

"Pour some Dusse, roll your finest in an Optimo and press play."

Taxstone teased TF out of the world last week when he dropped a preview of his exclusive interview with Meek Mill and today (10/31) he came through and deliveredt!
In the preview clip above, social media influencer Taxstone asks Meek about his thoughts on Drake’s infamous diss track, “Back to Back” when it was first released and Meek responds in the full interview saying:

I ain’t think it was no s–t that people was gonna be like, ’you got killed.’ I thought it was hot. Like when we shoot at n—s, you gotta shoot a n—a through the heart. When you wake up in the mirror, you looking in the mirror, you hearing what the n—-a told you, some shit about yourself that you can’t even deal with. That’s how we battle where we come from.

According to Meek, that wasn’t considered real beef to him like Nas and Jay Z. He goes on to say he was on tour when Drake dropped the infamous track and simply had no time to respond.

As the two continue to ride around ATL in a wraith, they speak on Meek’s beef with The Game– a beef Meek himself was shocked to learn existed. He originally thought the rapper was talking about someone else and that the two were cool. He says,

Last time I seen him we was just in the club, It was an immediate issue…You trying to destroy my name.

The Game has been trolling Meek for a quite a while, even released a diss track aimed at Meek where he dragged Love & Hip Hop Hollywood newbie Safaree Samuels into the feud, rapping:

Now tell the world how you got your b—h. You FaceTime Nicki while Safaree was f—ing a chick.

In this screen capture from The Shade Room, the stuntman basically cosigns the Game by commenting: “Honestly, I should thank him”
Meek tells Tax none of that is true- in fact it’s actually ridiculous if you think about it. He says

How would I Facetime Nicki if Safaree is with some b—s? When was Safaree around me where I can FaceTime Nicki. What year was this? Me and her only been two years, I been at his head for two years. I don’t f–k with him.

If it comes down to it, the Philly rapper claims there will be no fights with Safaree. As far as rappers trying to play him as if being with Nicki Minaj is a bad thing, Meek goes on to say,

Everyone goes after Nicki with me and I don’t get it. What’s that about? Is that a bad thing? Is that a bad thing that I got a go-getter for my lady? She’s on a whole other level in life as a person, as an artist. That’s a bad thing? Yea, I’m on my girl’s tour. We getting right every night. She’s probably making 450 or some s–t like that. It’s lit.

Last month, fellow Philly rep Beanie Sigel was featured on the popular Tax Season podcast where his beef with Meek was heavily discussed. Meek responded on social media at that time and tells Tax that God took Beanie’s voice away and he’s still using it to spread lies.

I don’t feel nothing, I just thought that was—I don’t know what that was- I looked up to Beanie Sigel my whole life.

With the recent release of his album DC4, Meek maintains now he’s just locked in and focused. Listen to the full one hour and 46-minute interview here!

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