Don’s Effort To Bring His Two Baby Mothers Together Only Ends With A Scared, Crying Baby Kinleigh

"I wanna f---ing turn up so bad, but to see my daughter in the backseat scared and crying --- I did not ever want her to see me like that."

Whitney came ready with the petty, though.

Don has the most awkward sit down ever with both of the mothers of his children in this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight. A few minutes into the conversation, Whitney and Don are unable to be in the same library, let alone on the same page. Frustrated and annoyed that Don hasn’t been a father to his daughter, Kinleigh, Whitney dismisses herself from the conversation, hinting that Don isn’t the father of Ashley’s baby. Whitney dips after saying that slick comment, leaving Ashley seeing red. Don puts his pride aside to talk to Whitney about her disrespect towards his fiancee. Nothing’s resolved, and Don is left feeling ashamed his daughter has seen him so angry. At the end of the day, Don just wants to make his new blended family work.

Think Don should invest in boxing lessons or something. IDK. Don’t miss an all new Black Ink Crew: Chicago, next Monday at 9/8c!

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